Terms & Conditions

Premium Mechanical referral program

There is no better way to secure new candidates than word of mouth and referrals. At Premium Mechanical we are willing to offer all current employees a reward for recommending quality tradesmen to join our team. All you need to do is ensure you meet the terms and conditions, and the referral bonus could be yours!

Premium Mechanical - Submitting a referral
Premium Mechanical - Submitting a referral

Terms & Conditions

  1. Premium Mechanical have the right to review the referral in line with our selection criteria, and this may mean that not every referral is placed.
  2. The referral of a candidate does not mean you are automatically paid an incentive.
  3. If either the referrer or the referee leave prior to the completion time of 3 or 6 months they forfeit the bonus paid to either party
  4. The progress of the referral will remain confidential between Premium Mechanical and the candidate being referred. The employee making the referral will be notified upon successful placement.
  5. Only referrals made by an existing Premium Mechanical employee will be eligible for the incentive payment.
  6. Referrals are only applicable to the following trades;
              – Heavy Duty Fitter
              – Drill Fitter
              – Digger Fitter
              – Auto Electricians (Heavy Equipment)
  7. The referral cannot be an existing employee of Premium Mechanical Group or have previously been employed by Premium Mechanical Group.
  8. If a candidate is referred by multiple employees, the employee who submits the referral first will receive the incentive.
  9. The referral cannot be someone who has already submitted an application via another source, e.g Seek, Premium Mechanical Group website, LinkedIn or Facebook.
  10. The referral cannot be someone Premium Mechanical Group are already in discussions with.
  11. This referral bonus runs from 1st September 2020 and only referrals submitted after this period will be eligible and all prior referrals will be subject to the previous referral bonus structure.
  12. Premium Mechanical Group reserves the right to alter or cancel the referral bonus at any time.
  13. The referral payment is subject to applicable tax deductions and superannuation is not applied to the payment.
  14. The candidates CV must be submitted to from the Premium Mechanical Group employees email address.The body of the email must clearly state that you are referring the candidate and include their name, contact phone number, trade and a summary of why your think they would fit well within the Premium Mechanical team.