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Mining Labour Hire

Mining Labour Hire Mine Maintenance Labour Contracts

Mining Labour Hire Mine Maintenance Labour Contracts

Premium Mechanical Group offers recruitment and mining labour hire services to the Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and Northern Territory regions. Whether you need a short-term replacement, a complete maintenance team or a complicated workforce management solution, we provide effective labour solutions.

Since opening our doors in 2006, we have been providing recruitment, workforce solutions and labour hire services in Perth, Mackay, Darwin, and across Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. We are specialists in skilled and mining labour recruitment and source the correct labour and staff for heavy duty mechanic jobs and large-scale industries.

Our workforce specialists are handpicked from the mining, civil, transport and logistics industries and include experts in all aspects of recruitment, labour hire and HR. This ensures that we speak the same language as our business partners and understand their needs.

It’s not just our years of experience that make us leading labour hire and recruitment specialists; our desire to innovate and develop practical workforce models, recruitment systems and labour hire technologies sets us apart from the competition. We deliver outstanding results for our clients by taking into account their bottom line and their industry requirements.

We provide labour hire, recruitment services and workforce solutions to the following industries:

  • Civil, labour hire & recruitment
  • Mining, resources, labour hire & recruitment
  • Transport, logistics labour hire & recruitment

All team members are handpicked for the exceptional calibre of their safety concern and experience, especially when it comes to handling large machinery and complicated equipment.


In heavy-duty industries, safety always comes first. Our crewmembers are guided by our own strict rules and regulations and, of course, comply with your company’s site-specific safety practices.

We can source the following skilled labour for maintenance contracts:

  • Heavy-duty mechanics
  • Heavy-duty service personnel
  • Maintenance supervisors and planners
  • Auto electricians Jobs
  • Boiler makers

Mine Electricians for Hire

Across Australia, our ever-expanding premium tradespeople are setting the standard for mobile maintenance in the mining, civil and transport industries. We offer high voltage electricians, auto electricians and underground mining electricians, each of whom are highly skilled and thoroughly qualified in their respective fieldsand in mining maintenance.

Mine Equipment Mechanics

Speak to us about your heavy diesel mechanic job specifications. We have candidates who are fully qualified auto and plant mechanic Jobs with experience in repairing mining equipment maintenance and trucks, conducting inspections and running diagnostic tests on various heavy-duty machines. These recruits can fix on site mechanic without supervision and will make excellent additions to any team.

Contact us today for all your mining labour hire requirements. We look forward to assisting you.

Premium Mechanical - Equipment

Line boring 1

With a team of expert engineers, we supply a high quality line boring service in the time of your plant shut down. Our experienced staff will help you achieve maximum efficiency and safety on your site.

Premium Mechanical - Auto HV Eectrician

Welding and fabrication

When you plan for your plant shutdown you will require a range of welding and fabrication services. That’s why we employ a team of specialist welders and fabricators, experienced in the work required for a plant shutdown.

Premium Mechanical - Heavy Duty Diesel

Boiler making

Boiler makers are always in demand when it comes to your plant shutdown. Contact us today and make sure you have a qualified boiler maker for this critical period. When it comes to boiler making we have qualified and experienced staff you can rely on.

Premium Mechanical - Bucket And Tray

Bucket and tray relines, Bucket wears packages

Part of your requirements when you undergo a mine shutdown is to perform mining bucket repairs. With many shutdowns under our large tool belt, we can perform any bucket repairs required. Our staff are fully capable and highly experienced in this type of work.