Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a job with Premium Mechanical Group?

To apply for one of our mining jobs at Premium Mechanical, you have three options:

  1. Visit our website, click onto the jobs tab located at the top of the home page, search and filter through job listings and directly apply to the jobs that you want.
  2. Email us with your resume, qualifications, tickets, and driver’s license to
  3. Phone us on (08) 9314 7182 to speak to one of our friendly team members to discuss joining the Premium Mechanical family.
What types of jobs do you offer?

At Premium Mechanical Group, we offer a wide variety of FIFO & DIDO jobs across WA in mining, civil, and transport industries, both regionally and metro. Some positions include Diggers Mechanics, Drill Mechanics, Heavy-Duty Mechanics, Auto Electricians, HRT Mechanics, Boilermakers, LV Mechanics, Servicepeople, Trade Assistants, and White-Collar leadership roles. Check out our jobs webpage to explore our available positions.

What is it like to work at Premium Mechanical Group?

At Premium Mechanical, we take pride in knowing that our employees are validated both as  individuals and as team members. We ensure that our employees always feel respected and have the freedom to choose work that caters to their desired needs, wants and lifestyle.

Are flexible rosters available to all Premium Mechanical Group employees?

Here at Premium Mechanical Group, we pride ourselves on giving our employees flexible rosters to cater to our employee’s needs and lifestyles. Therefore, each roster request is considered individually. In some instances, like some of our FIFO jobs, complete flexibility cannot always be guaranteed. However, we offer a large variety of FIFO rosters to choose from. Premium Mechanical Group takes pride in providing employees with family and social life-friendly rosters!

Are there opportunities for career progression at Premium Mechanical Group?

Yes, in terms of career progression at Premium Mechanical Group, the opportunities are endless! Opportunities include transitioning between our specialised departments and the opportunity to progress into being a Team Leader. Our Trade Up Programoffers the opportunity to receive free training and progress into a new role led by industry expert mentors. We treat all our employees like family, meaning we support, motivate and help our employees find success.

What are the requirements to get a mining job?

The requirements forgetting a mining job or FIFO job will heavily depend on the role you are applying for. You may be required to complete training courses, official qualifications, have police clearance or obtain licenses. While job requirements vary from position to position, you will need to pass a medical exam for all mining jobs, including drug and alcohol tests.

Are all positions FIFO jobs,or do you have positions based in Perth, Karatha, Kalgoorlie, or Newman?

At Premium Mechanical Group, we supply mining jobs from a variety of locations around the state. Our jobs web page gives users the option to filter through specific locations to find the perfect match. Whether you are looking for a Field Service position in Perth, a long-term position for multiple mining sites in the Goldfields, or an Auto Electrician position for FIFO, Premium Mechanical Group covers them all!

I have applied for a mining job. What happens next?

If your resume has been accepted for the mining job you have applied for, the team will get in contact to give you the details regarding the next stage of the application, the job interview, and the medical screening. The job interview will include getting to know you and viewing your credentials.

What are the employee benefits and perks of working for Premium Mechanical?

At Premium Mechanical Group,we will always support your career progression and help you to secure the lifestyle you want. We also reward your hard workwith top rates and remuneration, discounted private health insurance, Income Protection Discounts, Salary Sacrifices for personal items and cash bonus rewards, to name a few.

Are there casual, part-time, or full-time jobs available?

At Premium Mechanical Group, we offer an array of permanent/ Full-time, Part-time, or casual jobs. On our jobs web page,there is an option for users to filter view different employment types, so they can apply for positions that cater to them.

Can I submit my resume, even if there is no job available that interests or suits me?

Yes. Premium Mechanical Group encourages all job applicants to submit their resumes and qualifications even if no mining jobs are currently available. Not only does this show us that you are eager for employment, but we also keep your information on file, so when an open position pops up, you are one of the first to be considered.