CompetitionTerms & Conditions

Premium $3000 Holiday

How To Enter

Entries Start 1st Nov 2018 – Closes 31 Jan 2019

Who is eligible?
All current and new employees of Premium Group

All current and new employees must be with Premium for a minimum of 3 months

All entries are based on a points system

  • 1 Point:All current employees from 01/11/18
  • 2 Points:Referring a mate who is successfully placed within 01/11/18 – 31/01/19
  • 3 Points:You are a New employee starting 01/11/18 – 31/01/19
  • 3 Points:Receive employee of the month anytime throughout the year
Premium Mechanical Group - Premium Holiday

If you win – How do you receive the holiday?

The reward will be presented to you in a Corporate Travel Voucher so you
can decide the location for you $3000 holiday

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This reward can not be split between employees and
must be used within 12 months