Mine underground maintenance

Underground electricians and mechanics

Working underground on a mine site can be hazardous and requires a cool head and a high level of expertise. You don’t just send anyone to work on an underground task, they need to be technically proficient in their field, as well as trained in an underground work environment.

Our highly qualified and well-trained staff includes a team of electricians and mechanics with all the underground experience necessary, meaning they will happily go deep underground and do what is required quickly and efficiently. This includes any mechanical malfunctions to your underground powered equipment.

Relevant staff are specially trained in underground maintenance and have undergone all the required training.

Mine underground electricians

Whatever your underground electricity needs, we have a specialist team of underground electricians, experienced in the tough industry of underground mining ready to assist you. We have worked on a large range of underground projects and our electricians have all the necessary experience and specialised training required for underground electricity work.

Mine underground mechanics

When your equipment fails you it’s always an inconvenience; when it happens hundreds of metres underground, it can lead to costly downtime. When you do have an underground emergency, contact us. We employ a team of specialist mine underground mechanics with expertise in mining vehicles and equipment and experience in working underground.

In addition to their mechanical expertise they are all comfortable working in an underground environment and are fully trained in all safety and emergency procedures.

Contact us today for any underground maintenance or repairs.